Interview with H.E. Mgr. Giampaolo Crepaldi, Archbishop of Trieste and President of CCEE Commission Caritas in Veritate

The Second Catholic Social Days for Europe” will take place very soon in Madrid. What are your expectations?

Mgr Crepaldi: In these coming Days we want to re-awaken the responsibility each of us has with regard to the social and charitable activity of the Catholic Church in Europe, in response to Pope Francis’ call for the Church to go out to evangelise. And among the places to be evangelised he also indicates the economy, politics, culture, social life. But this “going out” is also a “returning”, a turning one’s face to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of humankind, valuing the history of the Church as salvation history and recalling our saints who inculturated the Gospel in the life of our European peoples.

Already now, the commitment of the European church communities and bodies continues to intensify at this time of dramatic economic crisis, and precisely for this reason we feel the need to remember that every charitable activity which comes about as result of the Christian spirit of fraternity testifies to the appeal of Christ and the concern of the Christian faithful for their own communities to which they belong, for the history which they share. This is because the Church seeks the integral good of humanity, which includes both care for the spiritual life and the life of faith, but also the promotion of the human person in the various spheres of life and human activity. The Church is always committed to love the whole of the human person and encourage his / her total salvation, and so it sees human development – and therefore, economic, social and cultural, too – within a totality, a uniform framework.


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