Interview with H.E Mgr Gianni Ambrosio, Bishop of Piacenza-Bobbio and Vice-President of Comece

The "Second Catholic Social Days for Europe” will take place very soon in Madrid. What are your expectations?

Mgr Gianni Ambrosio: The Social Days for Europe can offer that “broad perspective” which is often missing in today’s Europe, both among European leaders and in many European citzens. In the stream of a complex globalisation, we are called to discover Europe’s new and exciting mission and share the cause of Europe’s unity and future. There is a need not just for stronger European political cohesion and greater solidarity between the European nations, but also a recovery of that passionate message which has been handed down to us by the founding fathers and builders of comman Europe, animated by the light of Christian hope. At the start of the third millennium, our Europe seems passive, distant, without courage and strong ideas, almost without hope. The Social Days can help Christians to offer once again to the men and women of Europe the light of hope to be able to look beyond, overcoming the restricted and short-sighted vision of particular interests.


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