Interview with Peter Annegarn, President of the European Forum of National Laity Committees

The "Second Catholic Social Days for Europe” will take place very soon in Madrid. What are your expectations?

Peter Annegarn: I expect this second series of Social days for Europe that - after a common discernment during our exchanges - a strong message is sent to the many lay people who are committed to give more dignity to women and men of our time. 

"Solidarity is the future of Europe," was the title of the final declaration of the 1st Social Days in 2009 in Gdansk.
This solidarity we need to further practice and must now guide our economic activities face to the problems of youth, immigration, intergenerational issues and generosity in volunteering.
I intend to make every effort to translate our commitment into action in our member organizations, so that the base is involved in the field.
Caring for others is a common and individual responsibility.



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