Interview with Rev. Dr. Ihor Shaban, Chairman of the Commission for Promotion Christian Unity, Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

The "Second Catholic Social Days for Europe” will take place very soon in Madrid. What are your expectations?

Rev. Dr. Ihor Shaban: I do expect, that the II Catholic Social Days for Europe will witness to all, that Christians can do a lot of good things together. It is true, that sometimes we are hearing about crisis in Church and crisis of faith, especially when the conflict and even war between European countries are depending on political and economical issue more then on Christian’s value. What we can see today, that humans loosing orientation and trying to put its main hope in material sphere. I also expect, that during the Second Catholic Social Days for Europe we can discuss about our European Christian future, about Christian symbolic in European society, about Christian value in our countries, how do the Europe understand family and human life, what we can do together for education system, charity and social services. What we also need today is dialog, reconciliation and cooperation, freedom and brotherhood, that will help us to be more simple and less individuals.

Remember, that even small group can do many good things and can give the right direction to those who is still seeking our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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