WORKSHOP - Trans-generational solidarity and welfare systems in Europe

Date: 19 September – From 6.00 pm
Language: English

It’s good for the elderly to communicate their wisdom to the young; and it’s good for the young people to gather this wealth of experience and wisdom, and to carry it forward, not so as to safeguard it in a museum, but to carry it forward addressing the challenges that life brings, to carry it forward for the sake (…) of the whole Church.
Pope Francis, Homily in occasion of the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, 2.02.2014

The population of Europe is aging and more and more old people live alone. Parents due to their jobs are less at home and grandparents take care of their great-children. What is the place of sharing among generations? Can the wisdom of elders and the joy of young people dialogue? And what about the transmission of faith and of the meaning of life and the dialogue between generations?
The demographic pyramid in several countries shows how difficult is to sustain the welfare system. Migrants arrive in western countries also to take care of old people. What is the impact of this phenomenon?
Families, churches and organizations from the society are organizing ways to sustain old people. We need to share experiences, to identify problems and look for solutions. What is the national and European view of this reality? How the State should support families and institutions?

The workshop aims to identify the dimension of the problem (how many old people live alone, the children need grandparents’ assistance, etc.) and the various aspects of the question; to verify the role of the States, of the Society and of the Church; to understand how trans-generational solidarity is part of the family solidarity, and which principles should be present.

A main address followed by an open debate.

Chairman: His Excellency Youssef Soueif, Archbishop of Cyprus of the Maronite
Speaker: Mr. Pawel Dembinski, Director of the Observatoire de la Finance (Switzerland)